The World’s Greatest Outdoor Gyms

With summer approaching it’s time to start thinking about getting outside the gym and into the parks.  The Mornington Peninsula has some great parks and outdoor areas that are perfect for fitness and we will be showcasing them soon on the blog.  However in the meantime here are some of the most inspirational outdoor fitness areas in the world…


Green Heart Outdoor Gym, Shaw Park

Hull, UK

TGO has spent the last few years building and installing open air exercise areas all across the UK.  However their latest addition in Shaw park, Hull is called the TGO Green Heart.  Why?  Not only does it feature weather-proof state of the art equipment it can also claim to be the world’s first energy-harvesting outdoor gym.  As users burn calories on the free to use stationary bikes and cross trainers the gym harvests people power and converts it into useable electricity.  If only you could do this in your own home to offset energy bills.

The circuit features a ‘Power Display Wall’ measuring the user’s energy output allowing users to log their input.  Currently the energy powers the gym’s night lights but  there are plans to feed it into the national grid.  Unfortunately no-one has yet figured out how to harness energy from a set of parallel dips.

green gym

power display












North Bondi Outdoor Gym

Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches and the North Bondi outdoor gym is famous among local fitness enthusiasts.  It is setup to encourage working out with bars and bodyweight and unlike the territorial images that go along with the more famous surfing culture here, the gym enthusiasts encourage everyone to get involved.

There are even competitions held here monthly that draw sizeable crowds.  These comps are held by the Bondi Beach Bar Brutes.













Lumphini Park

Bangkok, Thailand

Lumphini Park itself is enormous, 142 acres worth of enormous, and is Bangkok’s most popular place to work out.  If you get tired of the outdoor gym situated here amongst tall trees and ample wildlife you could always sign up to one of the many Muay Thai kickboxing, Tai Chi or even get involved in one of the stranger aerobics classes available, featuring hundreds of men and women all lined up evenly following an instructor standing on a stage setup in the middle of the park.

thai aerobicsthai gym












Muscle Beach

Venice Beach, USA

Located only steps from the sand at Venice Beach, Muscle Beach is an icon.  The original site in Santa Monica operated from the mid 1930′s to the mid 1950′s before it was bulldozed.  However throughout the 1960′s and 70′s this site further down the road in VeniceBeach began to grow in popularity becoming the premier outdoor gym in the world.  The gym which has drawn numerous celebrities over the years is still running today and you can purchase a year long membership for just $170 (or $50 for a week).

arniemuscle beach












Parque do Arpoador

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

While the equipment may seem crude and the barbells are little more than lumps of concrete, it all goes into creating the charm of this outdoor gym sandwiched between Ipanema and Copacabana beaches in Rio de Janeiro.  And how could you not be inspired to work out with a view like that?



Kachalka Outdoor Gym

Kiev, Ukraine

This amazing gym in Ukraine looks more like a scrap yard than a fitness centre.  Made entirely from salvaged metal the gym has increased in popularity since the early 70′s and is constantly full of people working on their fitness.  The gym was founded by a Polish gymnast and a maths professor who seems to have used some complex equations to make some of these contraptions work at all.  Click here to see a video we posted previously of this gym in action.

Kachalka 2Kachalka 1












Kachalka 3

Kachalka 4












Wouldn’t it be great to have an outdoor gym we could all use here on the Mornington Peninsula.  What site do you think would be best for it?

Author: Matthew Ende

I have lived in Mornington for 2 years and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle and scuba diving options here... especially during summer. For the other 9 months of the year I mostly hibernate and spend the rest of my time hunting down health secrets to share with this community.

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  1. I am hoping that if the Frankston council approves my sports bar application that I can install outdoor gym equipment for the community to use for free, at the maple st bike path

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    • That would be fantastic for the community.

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