Pilates – From Ordinary to Extraordinary

People seek out Pilates as their preferred form of exercise for a variety of reasons. This is often because they are not able to achieve the optimum within their sporting, or daily life activities, due to health issues. These could be Low Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain or they may have sustained an injury that has not been properly rehabilitated.
No matter what the reason, Pilates is a very effective form of exercise and supports people in achieving their fitness goals, or improving their general quality of life. Whether you are a golfing, tennis, cycling or horse riding enthusiast, or perhaps your hobby requires physical endurance, Pilates will optimise your ability to perform these enjoyable activities with a higher level of skill.
When you’re functionality has been restored and you are pain free, the team at Melbourne Pilates Group will take you to the next step and to whatever level of fitness you desire. Kirsten and Jasmine will challenge you further and your personally designed repertoire will be built to assist you in attaining a higher level of ability. You will have a variety of exercises, established on a foundation of fitness and strength, where breath, stability and dynamic control are synergised.
To experience the difference, Melbourne Pilates Group would like to give you a free initial consultation if you mention this article. So don’t put it off. Pilates can enhance your life.
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Melbourne Pilates Group Pty Ltd
Suite 4, 307 Main Street
Mornington Vic 3931
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(m) 0404 096 578 (e) Kirsten@melbournepilatesgroup.com.au

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