SPLICE Enhances Personal and Community Wellbeing

The aim of SPLICE is to enhance personal and community wellbeing by connecting its’ members and the wider Community to the natural world. It has been well-documented that establishing this connection leads to improved wellbeing as well as leading to wider Social Changes. This is achieved by developing respect for ourselves and each other, as well as for the planet and for all species, both locally and globally.

SPLICE Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation (NGO), situated on the Mornington Peninsula and was founded in 2006. Diversity is encouraged by the Foundation and Culture and the Arts are included in their Wellbeing and Environmental work.
SPLICE Of Life ( SOL) programs and workshops are developed for set age groups, tailored to the needs of that particular group’s stage of development.

The core fundamentals of each program or workshop are to develop a connection to nature that is sustainable for our wellbeing and for the Environment. Importantly, there is a focus on the development of positivity, practicality, resilience and confidence in order to develop respect and to foster compassion. A foundation is also laid for children and adolescents to enable them to interact more effectively within their diverse community and the environment. This is accomplished with an emphasis on Mindfulness which develops an awareness of our thoughts and actions. In turn, our positive wellbeing is enhanced. SPLICE offers individual and group sessions, family programs and Educational and Wellbeing programs and Workshops for organisations, businesses and schools. All of these activities are developed and run by a qualified professional and trained assistants.
A Women’s Circle with the theme” Healing the Planet: Healing Ourselves “ has been running regularly for over 5 years and is attended by many amazing women who are interested in combining their passion for Nature, Culture and the Arts with Personal and Community Wellbeing.

SPLICE Foundation also works in Partnership with other like-minded organisations, to reach a wider audience.
SPLICE Foundations’ core group of dedicated volunteers assist with a diverse range of activities including Fundraising and Membership.

For more information and details of current activities contact judith@splicefoundation.org.au or (m) 0419 493 346 or visit our website www.splicefoundation.org.au Like us on Facebook
SPLICE Foundation Inc.
45 Somers Ave
McCrae VIC 3938

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