Secrets of Yoga Spiritually at Symphisis Yoga

Practicing Yoga Spiritually opens the doorway to a whole new experience of yoga. We offer a space where you can feel the difference in energy when you walk in. You can relax and be yourself, free to be creative and expressive and explore how you feel on all levels, as you move through your yoga practice.

Yoga Spiritually is forever evolving to meet your needs today. We encourage fun, laughter and engagement with others. This helps you to relax, stretch further and of course discover your strengths. The yoga postures and sequences are fresh and different, with music, colour, visualisation and different props, all helping you to feel uplifted.

The underlying principle of Spirituality is free choice and Yoga Spiritually is no different. You choose what you would like to do and to what extent. There’s guidance rather than instruction.

“Yoga Spiritually……………….I can’t imagine doing it any other way now.
I have practised yoga in many forms for over 5 years but it wasn’t until I discovered Yoga Spiritually that it all made sense. Where previous classes were focused on perfecting poses and being like everyone else, Symphisis Yoga opened up a whole new world for me. A world where the core values of equality, non-judgement, honesty and sharing rang true in every session and carried through to my day to day living, giving me a much enriched life, new friends and an appreciation of the real reason we are all here. So much so I am now learning to become a Yoga Spiritual teacher.”
Deb Vawdrey

Yoga Spiritually Teacher Training is available. An abridged course suitable for yoga teachers wanting a fresher, more expressive style of yoga commences in November with the next full course commencing in 2014.

For more information contact:
Julia Symington at Symphisis Yoga
Spiritual Yoga and Hahnemann Healing Studio
15/1140 Nepean Highway Mornington 3931
Mob 0419 305 762

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