Say ‘I Do’… The Healthy Way

Getting Married in RyeMornington Peninsula weddings are becoming more and more popular.

Whether your looking at getting married on the beach or at one of the many beautiful wineries, one thing to always consider when making the commitment to get married is to maintain your health. Wedding planning can be extremely stressful so follow these tips to make sure you keep healthy during this time.

Leading Up To Your Wedding

  • Take regular walks with your partner and talk about things other than the wedding. Don’t forget why your getting married in the first place.
  • Prepare and eat plenty of healthy food and avoid the last minute crash diets to fit into wedding dresses. You don’t want to be run down on your wedding day.
  • Make lists in the evening of wedding things to get done the next day. This will help you get a good night’s sleep as often as possible.
  • Even though your so busy don’t put off health check-ups. You don’t want to get married only to find something out that should have been prevented months ago.

On your wedding day

  • Make sure there is easy access for any elderly people attending the wedding.
  • Remember to pack sunscreen and insect repellent if the wedding is outdoors.
  • Don’t drink too much too early. Make sure you save yourself as it can be a long night.
  • Have lemon water placed conveniently around the ceremony for guest access.


If you’re finding organising your wedding extremely stressful a good wedding celebrant can do more than just marry you on the day. They can help plan the day, find the appropriate venue and make sure everything goes smoothly. If you’re looking for a great wedding celebrant on the Mornington Peninsula have a chat with Kerrie Dixon at


Author: Matthew Ende

I have lived in Mornington for 2 years and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle and scuba diving options here... especially during summer. For the other 9 months of the year I mostly hibernate and spend the rest of my time hunting down health secrets to share with this community.

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