How to Unlock Your Pet’s Secrets

Animals are wondrous beings and how often do we wish they could tell us their secrets? Well they can! Kerrie Searle, the International Animal Whisperer and Communicator can help them do that.
We all know that animals know things instinctively but we are left wondering, or guessing, how they actually feel and why they behave as they do. Kerrie has the gift of being able to communicate with all species of animals and is able to understand and relate what animals are feeling and thinking. Now that does sound extraordinary, but when asked about that, Kerrie assures me that everyone has the potential to communicate with their animals if they are open to them. In fact, children up to the age of five can communicate openly with and understand animals. It is only when they start to grow up and take in the world that they suppress that gift.
The work Kerrie has done with animals has taken her to various places around the world and surprisingly, it was never her intention to make a career as an Animal Whisperer and Communicator, it just evolved naturally. She began by helping friends with their animals and her gift became something that people respected and needed.
So, what are the reasons you need to communicate with your animal, you may ask. Well, for instance, if your dog acts fearfully and you can’t work out why, Kerrie can communicate with your animal and tell you the reason. Bach or Australian Bush Flower Essences are used to help him overcome those fears. Sometimes, an animal’s behaviour mirrors the behaviour of its owner and Kerrie can help you understand and see that. Kerrie acts as a translator, allowing you to ask questions of your pet, so you can become clear on what they are thinking and feeling.
The bond we have with our animals is precious and the work Kerrie can do will only deepen and strengthen your relationship with your beloved pet.
For more information contact Kerrie Searle (m) 0450 784 350 or

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