Assisting the Community is the prime motivation for our magazine, Secrets to Health on the Mornington Peninsula. We hope to achieve this by bringing information, knowledge and streamlining your means of contacting the many health professionals in the area.
A further initiative being put in place by our team is to promote and support those in need. Coinciding with every issue published, a local charity, or simply a person who is finding life hard to navigate, will be assisted. Whether it is a single mother who is finding it challenging to provide for her children or an elderly person who is having trouble making ends meet, our team will be very willing and happy to offer help.
The assistance we will offer to the Community in this way supports and endorses the core value of our magazine and that is to help and encourage everyone in the area to live a healthy, happy life.

Purple Soup – Children’s Adventure Challenges and Corporate Team Building
Support for children who are chronically ill, as well as their families and carers, is the core motivation for the group, Purple Soup. By running specialised adventure therapy programs, coupled with conventional medicine, young people, their families and carers reap the emotional and psychosocial rewards gained during these challenges. The programs are held within a safe, fun environment and help to rebuild self esteem, confidence and courage.
Purple Soup also conducts Purple Soup Team Building, where corporate clients allow team building activities to be run for their employees. The profits raised go directly into the adventure therapy programs for children and families affected by ongoing, serious illnesses.
Corporate clients not only make an important, valuable contribution to the children and families, but also assist their staff in developing valuable skills that are beneficial within their workplace and lives. The team building activities given to staff members promote a sense of purpose and team spirit as well as the enhancement of their confidence.
Purple Soup need this team building engagement with corporate clients so they can give valuable assistance and support to children who suffer from chronic illnesses, along with their families and carers. This is, by far, the best support anyone can offer the team at Purple Soup, so please consider getting on board.
For more information, contact Tim Marchinton on (03) 5988 4556 or 0405 696 701.
Or visit

OrphFund – 1 Day and You Can Make a Difference
Every child has a right to an education, but not every child is in the position to attain that. The not for profit organisation OrphFund are passionate about changing that for children around the world.
OrphFund was created by Non Government Workers who witnessed less than perfect distribution of funds by the big charities they worked for. The team of workers who are involved with OrphFund know that your funds are used to reach out to children who have been made vulnerable by being abandoned or orphaned. Donations are used to help provide education, support, care and shelter. The very basic things we take for granted in our lives.
OrphFund have created a fund raising initiative called 1Day and Gabby Tedesco, who is a local resident and passionate about helping others, is an Ambassador for that initiative. 1Day can transform the lives of children throughout the world and give them the advantage of education, support and shelter. Universal Children’s Day (20th November) has been chosen to put in place the 1Day campaign, where children at schools, people in the workplace and members of sports/recreation bodies can participate by donating a gold coin. Why not have a free dress day for school children or a crazy hat day in your workplace or club.
Funds raised will be spent on building new schools, repairing and improving existing schools, training adults to become teachers, buying educational materials, establishing feeding programs and the provision of scholarships for children to access higher education.
Educational centres, schools clubs and companies Australia-wide have the chance to contribute and make a difference. So please, find the time and energy to do this simple thing and help restore the right of every child to have an education worldwide.
To find out more or become involved visit or contact Gabby Tedesco at (m) 0413 846 924