How good are we at keeping secrets?

Very good we all hope.

But all that’s about to change with

Secrets to Health on the Mornington Peninsula.

top secret

Secrets to Health is a magazine created, not only to help support local charities and support groups, but also as a guide allowing people to share health advice, tips, tricks and stories. This valuable knowledge will be drawn from practitioners, support groups, businesses and individuals within our community on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our magazine, published every three months, will be a reliable source of knowledge and skills available from an abundance of local people offering health services. We hope to introduce you to caring professionals who make it their business to nurture you in their given areas of expertise.

We, at Secrets to Health, hope to help and guide you to professionals who will improve and enrich your lives. Our magazine will encourage the art of sharing in the community, by giving you actual stories of real people in the Mornington Peninsula area. We hope to create an instrument of positivity, where the sharing of compassion, knowledge, skills, facts and information make you better equipped to lead a healthy life.

Our Editor, Raine Dinale

is on a mission to fulfil the prime motivation of Secrets to Health on the Mornington Peninsula by working with our team to bring a magazine that guides and contributes to health in the local area. Raine has worked as a published freelance writer for more than twenty years in both Australia and New Zealand for adults and children in the print media. More recently, she has established her copywriting company, woRDspin, providing web copy, blogs and general marketing material to a variety of clients. Raine is also a working actor who has recently settled in Mornington. She has three beautiful daughters, a paramour named Mike and a Spoodle named Harry.

Our Creative Director, Steve Pollock

has been involved in the advertising industry for over 15 years. Working with both small and large agencies, Steve has experience in Social Marketing for Government Department, such as TAC; WORKSAFE; VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN and DRINK WISE.

Steve, Raine  and all of our team at Secrets to Health are excited and thrilled to share with you, the journey of a healthier life on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our Advertising Sales Manager, Nicole Grace

after working with Hewlett-Packard for over 15 years in Marketing roles covering strategy, planning, branding, digital marketing and e-commerce, Nicole brings her experience and high energy to the team. Nicole’s customer service skills, passion for health and wellbeing, and vision for a quality publication has helped bring this publication to life. Nicole is a mum to three beautiful girls and loves to spend time relaxing on the beach with family and friends in her beautiful beachside town, Mornington.