A Positive Destination with Bulk Whole Foods

When the seed of a business comes from necessity it is usually destined for success.

Bulk Whole Foods is a family business and came into being whilst Bibi Lafleur was breast-feeding her young baby daughter. Certain foods were upsetting the baby, so Bibi decided to embrace a gluten/dairy free diet. She found, through her research, that the products she needed were not readily available, or if they were, buying them in small quantities became cost prohibitive.

By switching to a gluten/dairy free diet both the baby and Bibi thrived, so the idea of buying in bulk was hatched. Bibi then decided to start her own online business selling health foods in bulk. That was in February of this year and the family business is growing and thriving. 

Bulk Whole Foods supply organic products in quantities from 25 grams to 1 kilo. Super Foods like Ancient Grains, Cacao, Gogi Berries and Coconut Oils are some of the unusual lines available.
Presently, Bulk Whole Foods is a business to consumers but within the next month the company will be going into wholesale. There are also plans in the pipeline to have a one stop shop retail outlet, designed to become a positive destination for people who seek organic health foods. To find out more about the Bulk Whole Foods retail destination shop, look and like on Facebook.

The store will encourage people to bring their own containers but will provide them if required. Some of the products will be bulk syrups and oils, dairy free ice-cream and yoghurt, along with all the items available in their online shop. Most of Bulk Whole Foods’ products are preservative and additive free but if they do have these elements present the client is advised. 

The Lafleur family run a sustainable, eco friendly company, boxes are recycled and if new boxes are used they are made from 100% recycled material. The company was recently nominated a finalist in the Green Lifestyle Magazine Eco Friendly Businesses Awards, in the Small Business Category. 

Bulk Whole Foods can provide you with good food for a good life.

Bibi Lafleur – Founder
Bulk Whole Foods
(ph) 03 5983 8175 (m) 0415 040 068
(e) bibi@bulkwholefoods.com.au (w) www.bulkwholefoods.com.au

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