A Healthy Spine Equals A Healthy Life

This is a guest post from Lotus Wellness Centre in Mt Eliza.


Chiropractic is the world’s largest non-surgical, non-prescribing primary health care profession;

It is a natural approach to health based on the relationship between the spine and nervous system. A healthy spine equals a healthy life.

At Lotus we believe spinal care should start from birth. There are many stresses related to the birth process and having your child’s spine and cranial system assessed by a Chiropractor can set them up for a more balanced and calm beginning to life.chiro can start from birth

Your infant will endure general knocks and many falls as they grow and develop, which will often result in nerve dysfunction and possibly affect their sleep and feeding patterns as well as general wellbeing.

Many parents often report a peaceful night’s rest after taking their child to their Chiropractor.

Ideally Chiropractic care should also be carried out through pregnancy where women benefit enormously throughout the gestation period as the spine changes to accommodate the growth of the baby and alters movement and gait.

Symptoms such as nausea, heartburn, constipation and pubic pain may be reduced through regular care and research has also indicated that adjustments through pregnancy may reduce labour times by up to 24% for first time mums and even more for more experienced Mums (Fallon 1991).

The need for pain relief through labour may also be dramatically reduced (Well Adjusted Babies).

chiro can be benefitial for kidsAt Lotus we strongly believe in the body’s ability to be self-healing, self-regulating and self-developing, and tailor techniques to ensure the safe care of each individual client from children through to their great grandparents.

We invite you to try the Chiropractic difference and discover how you and your family can function at your best and fulfil your body’s health potential.

Author: Matthew Ende

I have lived in Mornington for 2 years and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle and scuba diving options here... especially during summer. For the other 9 months of the year I mostly hibernate and spend the rest of my time hunting down health secrets to share with this community.

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